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How do you identify resources for a project when everything is moving at the speed of light; when there are no fixed resources, pools of talent no longer exist. When everything is shared and already committed to a dozen separate initiatives at any given time? EzModeler, allows you to create roles and enable stakeholders to assign people to roles, thus ensuring commitment and clarity. Team members gain clarity regarding roles and lead to speedier resolution of issues, increasing the throughput for the project.

90% Of All Projects Do Not Deliver On Time

Projects require a lot of coordination to maintain their desired track and goals and keeping them on track requires keeping everyone informed. Emails are too inefficient, as most of us realize. Version controls, mapping of milestones and ensuring that teams that are interdependent are aware of the progress and are updated with each step can be ensured with the EzModeler.

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ezModeler (say: easy modeller) is a software collaboration suite on the web that has been developed by i4Change. ezModeler allows commercial and public organizations to improve the quality and efficiency of their processes and information and increase communication and work enjoyment.


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