The most Effective and Fastest Way
to Optimize Your Business
Operationally and Financially

How much more will you enjoy (making money) every day at work, if…

  • Communication at work is professional and fun?
  • You improve work quality and revenue and collaborate together?
  • Your proposals to make changes at work are understood and welcome?
  • You can plan and measure how sustainable and greenyour organization is?
  • The risks in your company can be continuously known and improved with controls?
  • Compliance is known to and understood and practiced by all your colleagues?
  • You can pinpoint in your processes where value is added or is being lost?
  • You can work from home and be assessed fairly and based upon your results?
  • You can show and prove your transparency to your customers and suppliers?
  • Use ezModeler and do it yourself!
  • Describe How You Work And Share It Online
  • Describe Your Organization And Process Scope
  • Know Your people for what they worth
  • Easy And Simple To Use By Anyone
  • Web Access Anywhere Anytime (Also From Home)
  • Share Processes, Roles, Activities and Data Flows With Each Other
  • Measure Cost, Time, Energy… Anything
  • Add New Properties On The Fly By Your Moderator
  • Exchange Ideas and Monitor their Follow-Up
  • Database Search and Reporting: Powerpoint Exports on Company template
  • Tap Into Library Of Existing Expert Models
  • Available Immediately That Is Now!
  • This Is Truly Continuous Improvement!
  • ezModeler will be a great success to you and your co-workers if you use it daily to:
  • collect and connect information (people, processes, systems, requirements, your own types…)
  • communicate ideas with the people that you work with and for
  • share diagrams and reports to become aware as a group why and where it is necessary or hard to change habits
  • model ideas into desired changes and decide on the impact before you start these change
  • become serious with this serious tool to control change and that does not let you forget that the devil is in the detail.
  • Take on the Deep Scan Challenge: Map Your Whole Organization and Issues in 5 Days

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ezModeler (say: easy modeller) is a software collaboration suite on the web that has been developed by i4Change. ezModeler allows commercial and public organizations to improve the quality and efficiency of their processes and information and increase communication and work enjoyment.


Meet our i4Change Consultants

Mayank Bhardwaj
Senior Sales Manager
Skype: Mayank-Bhardwaj

Varisha Mungra
Process & Data Modeling Analyst
Skype: varishamungra