There are different editions of ezModeler available:

ezModeler Free Edition

All basic functions; maximum of 5 diagrams and 2 users in one organization;
No export or reporting features

ezModeler Pro Edition

For Professionals and Companies.
This edition is in development and can  include your special requirements.

ezModeler Enterprise Edition

run i4Change ezModeler on your own company server

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ezModeler (say: easy modeller) is a software collaboration suite on the web that has been developed by i4Change. ezModeler allows commercial and public organizations to improve the quality and efficiency of their processes and information and increase communication and work enjoyment.


Meet our i4Change Consultants

Mayank Bhardwaj
Senior Sales Manager
Skype: Mayank-Bhardwaj
email: mayank.bhardwaj@i4change.com

Varisha Mungra
Process & Data Modeling Analyst
Skype: varishamungra
email: varisha.mungra@i4change.com